Mirela Pellegrini

- fashion design, custom evening and wedding gowns -

Mirela Pellegrini's studio is an exclusive workshop revolving around the concept of custom dresses for special events in the life of Mirela Pellegrini's clients. Personal creations are unique and evoke a fundamental aspect of style: elegance. Whether she is a bride, godmother, bridesmaid or just looking for a special gown, she will find, in this Fashion Boutique, the support to enable her to feel beautiful regardless of her her choice.

Passion behind the studio

Mirela Pellegrini has earned the reputation of being a fashion designer who delights with each new collection through details full of personality. The Mirela Pellegrini brand is synonymous with femininity, artistically supported by chic, precious details, fine materials, noble, elegant, which induce a state of absolute glam.